Oh I do like to be…

…beside the seaside.

Soooo we went to Blackpool to see the illuminations and I took the camera; as these days it’s permanently attached to my hand ever since I started this 101 photos challenge (which really does get you funny looks when you use a public toilet as it makes it very difficult to do up your zip).

Anyway I’ve gone off on a tangent.  These 2 photos are the best taken on the day.



This one took a bit of ‘Affinity-ing’ (it’s like photoshopping but using Affinity Photo instead) but I really like the way the sky turned out.  Not sure how I got the misty effect under the pier as the day was quite a clear one.






Not sure this would be considered a great photo but once I had ‘affinity-ed’ it I just loved the colours. When I took this it was pitch black so had camera on Manual with the shutter speed on bulb, aperture on f11 and ISO 100.  The Camera Remote Control (DSLR) app was amazing, anyone with an Android phone should download it from Google Play.


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