Head shots – you decide

So I am now a commissioned photographer. 🙂

Leoni is off to stage school and needs some head shots doing before she can apply.  Just before Christmas she asked if I would be able to take some for her and obviously I said I give it go.  I had a bit of a google around to make sure I had some idea of what to do and even made a DIY beauty dish (found the ‘how to’ page here).  Unfortunately it didn’t get me the right results.  Not sure if I was using it incorrectly or if i’d built it wrong but just kept getting a line across the photos.  Anyway above  are the results and I think they came out OK for my first attempt at ‘studio photography’.

A big thank you to my amazing model, Leoni Hulme, I hope they help you on your way to stardom 🙂

The photos in this gallery are the ones Leoni chose as well as a few I liked to.  Obviously one of these needs to go in my 101 photo challenge, but can’t decide which one.  Please help me decide and like the photo you think is best.  Thank you


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