Holiday Animals

Some more photos to add to the growing collection of animal photos.  These few were taken at Loro Parque, Tenerife


SLC 28

Your mother’s got a penisYour Mothers got Penis, Goldie Looking Chain

Thanks to Tim Hawkins for the inspirational lyrics for my Song Lyric Challenge (I think!!!)

SLC 27

Ah, but I may as well try and catch the wind ~ Catch the Wind, Donovan

Thanks to Jodie Barber for the inspirational lyrics for my Song Lyric Challenge


SLC: Week 7

11 Anisocoria Gato

And eyes of green, And eyes of blue, A thousand eyes, Stare back at you ~ Popstar, Suede


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SLC: Week 5

21 Bowed legged chicken

I’m a bow-legged chicken, I’m a knock-kneed hen ~ Tennessee Wig Walk, Bonnie Lou


Thanks to Sue Palfrey for the ‘inspirational’ lyrics for my Song Lyric Challenge


Blackpool Zoo

A few animal pictures from Daniel’s zoo birthday party.


101 Photos update – July 2015

Ok, so i thought I’d best get some more photos uploaded for the 101 photo challenge as we are quarter of the way through the year and i only had 5 on!!!

Anyway I have now uploaded another 10, the majority of which were taken on our family holiday to Tenerife.

Only another 86 to go :-).  Click here to see all 15 photos

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