Change of plan

Now anyone who has checked this blog before knows that I have challenged myself to take 101 photos before April.  As part of that I used this photo

Jessica :-)

for the colour green.  However, in November, as part as my role as a youth worker I got to take 2 amazing young people down to London so that they can sit in the green benches of the House of Commons and debate the most important issues concerning young people in the UK.  Now I couldn’t pass up that opportunity so had to use those seats as the colour green for the challenge.  Have no fear though I still love this picture so I re-edited and it now ‘cute’ 🙂



Anyhoo that still leaves me needing the colour green so this is the result from our trip to the Houses of Parliament.  Hope you like it.

Colour - Green




Here are 2015’s pumpkin carvings.  This year we have Jessica’s first ever pumpkin and Daniel’s getting better and better every year.

Two of these even got into the 101 photos click the link and see which 2 😉


Buildings are not my favourite photography subject but I seemed to have lucked out for my 101 photos.  What with the building by night and now this one I’m very impressed with myself.  🙂

This is another photo taken while at work.  We had taken some young people on a residential to Anglesey staying at the Conway Centre on the Menai Strait.  The building in this photo is Plas Newydd Country House and Gardens, a grade 2 listed building and part of the National Trust. In the background you just see the Menai Strait and the Menai bridge.Building


British Musical Fireworks Championships

For my 101 photos in a year I wanted to take a good photo of fireworks so where better to go than the British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport.  They have amazing displays, much better than I can do in the back garden, and it’s set to music so you can kind of guess when there will be a good picture to be had.  I also need to thank Digital Photography School for giving me some tips on what to do.  For these pics I had aperture to f11, iso at 100 and used the shutter speed on bulb/time.  If you have a Samsung, HTC or LG phone I’d also recommend the app ‘Camera Remote’

Of them all think this one is my favourite and will make the 101 photos list



Colour – Green

The third colour (because black isn’t a colour!!!) and this time it’s green.

In the song ‘It’s not easy being green’, Kermit the frog expresses his ambivalence about his color, noting that green “blends in with so many other ordinary things” and wishing that he were some other color instead. During the bridge, Kermit realizes that there are some powerful associations with the color — “green can be big, like a mountain, or important, like a river, or tall like a tree.” In the end, he decides that he’s happy to be green — “it’s beautiful, and I think it’s what I want to be.” (taken from Muppet Wiki)

Jessica definitely loves being green especially the wings 🙂 so it’s made it to my 101

Colour - Green


Final post of today I promise 🙂

As part of my 101 photo challenge I want to photo the rainbow colours plus pink and black, the 2 flowers will tick the red and pink boxes.  The third picture was just something daft with all the pens picking on black for not being a colour!!  (think my brain works differently to other people’s!!! 🙂 )



Black is a colour!!