SLC: Week 14


In the rain, the pavement shines like silver ~ On my Own, Herbert Kretzmer.

Thanks to Jodie Barber for the inspirational lyrics for my Song Lyric Challenge


Lonely, ever so lonely

In my last post I mentioned that I was down in London to take young people to the House of Commons.  Obviously there is no point taking young people out of Oldham, down to the big smoke, without a little sight seeing.  After our delicious meal in China Town, Soho we had a gentle stroll down to Covent Garden to see how they had set it up for Christmas.

This photo was honestly a point a shoot of the decorations in the covered area of the garden but I just love the way it came out.  I would also like to thank my boss, Ms Jodie Barber, for modelling on the bench.  She looks very lonely sat on her own but I think it was more to do with the shock of having to pay £12 to use the toilets.  They didn’t charge for the loo just the coffees we had to buy before she could use them 🙂

Anyway as Jodie looks so lonely that is how it will be entered into my 101 photos.