SLC: Week 24


When I’m walking out and about
In London’s brilliant parade
 ~ London’s Brilliant Parade, Elvis Costello


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SLC: Week 13


Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London ~ Streets of London, Ralph McTell

Thanks to Jodie Barber for the inspirational lyrics for my Song Lyric Challenge

Change of plan

Now anyone who has checked this blog before knows that I have challenged myself to take 101 photos before April.  As part of that I used this photo

Jessica :-)

for the colour green.  However, in November, as part as my role as a youth worker I got to take 2 amazing young people down to London so that they can sit in the green benches of the House of Commons and debate the most important issues concerning young people in the UK.  Now I couldn’t pass up that opportunity so had to use those seats as the colour green for the challenge.  Have no fear though I still love this picture so I re-edited and it now ‘cute’ 🙂



Anyhoo that still leaves me needing the colour green so this is the result from our trip to the Houses of Parliament.  Hope you like it.

Colour - Green