Gratuitous Pier Shot

OK I needed something to represent the seaside and was in Southport so thought why not take a photo of the pier.  Every photographer worth their salt seems to have taken a photo of the underside of a pier at some time so I didn’t want to be different 🙂



British Musical Fireworks Championships

For my 101 photos in a year I wanted to take a good photo of fireworks so where better to go than the British Musical Fireworks Championships in Southport.  They have amazing displays, much better than I can do in the back garden, and it’s set to music so you can kind of guess when there will be a good picture to be had.  I also need to thank Digital Photography School for giving me some tips on what to do.  For these pics I had aperture to f11, iso at 100 and used the shutter speed on bulb/time.  If you have a Samsung, HTC or LG phone I’d also recommend the app ‘Camera Remote’

Of them all think this one is my favourite and will make the 101 photos list