The Greatest Game

Just in case you didn’t know I’m a rugby league fan (all the Warriors photos on this blog might have given it away!!).  I needed a sport photo for the 101 challenge and thought what better than an Autumn international: England v New Zealand.  My very lovely wife decided to treat me to a trip to London and the 2nd of the 3 match series at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park Stadium.  With hospitality no less 🙂

OK, as it turned out, the match wasn’t the greatest and, due in some way to the vast amount of alcohol consumed by me, the pictures weren’t too great either.  However, the stadium did seem to help as it looked amazing and the lighting just worked.  I did get this one shot and thought I’d try the tilt-shift effect in affinity too.  Hope you like it.



Tilt Shift effect

My first attempt at tilt-shift effect in Affinity photo.

It’s not bad for first go but I’m thinking there will be better before April :-).  For now it’s made the 101 photos

Tilt-shift effect